Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Holiday at Munnar - I

Come to think of it, another holiday with my parents and sis 'could' be a distant dream. I was really excited to go on this holiday. It was more just-get-the-hell-out-of-Chennai than the sentimental oh-my-family thing. Was worth every penny spent but for the regular fights that my sister and I had. I still dont understand why she wants to decide evrything for me! For someone who doesnt know it..she is younger!!!!!!

The Pandian Express chugged off at 9.30 and hurray!!!...we were off! At Madurai we checked into this Supreme hotel, a decent one, cleaned and washed and we started at 9 - on our way to Munnar. A special mention abt our driver Rajangam, a wonderful fellow. And cheers to his Madurai Tamizh...was just awesome. He was such a bold driver, with that Ambassador of his, was sometimes like a stunt show....and I loved evry minute of it.

We learned that the Madurai - Munnar route was just abt a 4 hr drive thru this place called Bodi, which unfortunately was closed from 9 to 6 for some road-expansion work. The only other route was thru Thekkady. Rajangam estimated the drive to take us some 2-3 more hours. Well, lunch then at Thekkady, we decided. That was when we had reached Theni just in time for a tea. Rajangam then informed us that the food in Thekkady may not suit our vegetarian tastes and advised us to pack lunch from this Vasantha Bhavan or something at Theni.


At 24 May, 2005 04:43, Blogger ASHTRAY said...

I understood you. Im also waiting for my holidays.

At 25 May, 2005 03:09, Blogger snathan said...

hey ashtray....thanx!

At 09 June, 2005 06:17, Blogger Cogito said...

Munnar is an awesome place. Beautiful,pristine and serene..

Did you try the Saravana Bhavan (no relation to the famous chain) there ? Great food...

At 10 June, 2005 01:47, Blogger snathan said...

Nope! maybe nex time, thanx btw :-)


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