Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Holiday at Munnar - II

After packing lunch at Theni we drove down to Kumali, which is the Tamil Nadu side of Thekkady. There was nothing much to see at Thekkady, more so because it was the scorching summer. We jus went abt the forest hoping to catch a random animal here or there..but nopes..din happen. There was this lake which was too dried up to evince any interest in us to go for a boat ride. We settled down under a tree shade to lunch just a shade or two away from a huge family which was holidaying there as well.

The fun then began, we opened our lunch, just when it looked like the kids in that group had finished theirs. The biggies there shooed them away so that they can eat in peace. Peace then it was..... The kids started playing around the place, spotted a monkey at some distance, threw stones at it, invited it to play with them and at last when the monkey started chasing them, ran in our direction!

No one can just imagine the state of shock we were in (this is exaggerating ..i kno). We were jus thru our first course of the meal. We kept looking at the kids' folks at some distance...to try n tell them to call their kids back there...hmm hmm...no way ..they were terrified enuf themselves (or so they seemed...they dint do a thing ..jus kept eating!!!##$%^%^&)

Then the monkey saw something that was jus wat it wanted....our food!...it left the kids' back and grabbed our food. It called out to all its friends and relatives who all came happily running for that one thing available then.....OUR food! We left our packets there, grabbed whatever we could and just got back to the car, shared and ate that one extra packet of food that we had left!

In all this time, this Rajangam was the only guy who kept his cool, totally unperturbed and finished his lunch.

We just got back into the car cursing those kids for the spoilt brats that they were and prepared ourselves for the boring long drive up to Munnar! and how!!!!!


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