Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Holiday at Munnar - III

The drive up to Munnar took us some 5 hours from Thekkady. So when we reached the Sienna Village it was about 5.30 in the evening!

The greenery throughout the way was good. Agreed. But a little too much! Rajangam told us loads of stories on our way. For the first time in my life I saw how cardamom grew in the plants. I donno how they call it, but it shoots out as nodules from the base of the plant.

We were too tired to venture into anything that evening, grabbed sumthing to eat at 6, wolfed up the buffet spread in the lawns at 8, enjoyed some music and that’s it. we were off to sleep! Our accommodation looked like a duplex thing, wood paneled flooring…the ‘duhk-duhk’ sound when u run around….reminded my sis n me of the Anjali movie where the entire apartment complex was a set and had similar sounds when the kids ran abt the place.There isn’t much to see at Munnar, we saw a lake, dam, went boating, saw the rare Nilgiri Tahr (a wild goat species) that’s it.

The major fun was the Sienna Village ..we dint expect too good a food in Kerala, but this one was really awesome. They had a very decent breakfast and buffet spread and now, more than Munnar itself, we have started promoting Sienna Village!!

We shopped for a while in the afternoon, finished our sightseeing, got back and chilled out. And we left the next day morning, found another route down to Theni through this place called Kambamettu – Kambam. Rajangam had promised to us that he would definitely enquire and find out a shorter way down….loadsa thanx to him!

We then visited RK uncle, first time for Nithya n me to their new home. Aunty took w\us to the Meenakshi temple…which was as eventful as it can get for anybody. The temple was as usual too crowded, so my mom suggested that we buy special darshan tickets. Aunty told us to quietly follow her, came up to the guard at the spl darshan entrance, told him ”see its 4 of us “ and before he could open his mouth abt the tickets she just dragged us inside. And then came another shock for us…we found out that even that had a long queue…so went around the sanndidhi, spoke to the policewomen there..told them that we were just in time for our train back (which was kinda true – we jus had 2 hrs), squeezed us in! All this done so nonchalantly- man we were dumbfounded!
It all came to an end…..boarded our trains back to Chennai, back to the boring routines.

Well, I was in kind of a hurry to finish this Munnar thing up. I wanted to write loads but dint have enuf time at all..so from now on me not posting a travelogue unless I have already penned that down fully somewhere! Without finishing this …I dint feel like posting nething else also!


At 02 March, 2006 01:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, honestly not much to say bout ure "travelogue", but let me just ask you?, when u went to munnar, were u expecting bikini clad girls and discos or did you go to enjoy the serenity and calm ,and natural beauty offer...
and FYI, the rare goats you saw and thats it, they are 2000 of em in the world, and they are found only in 3 places in the entire world. the largest population is in munnar!!
so much for em goats huh!


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