Monday, June 27, 2005

What do u feel when u have absolutely nothing to do?

Day 1
My sis smsed me: Innaikki sekkiram vara mudiyuma?..r u busy?
Me: No problem. Will be home by 6.45.
She: Done then. I will tell appa that u will be there for the wedding reception.
Me: Ok

Day 2
Sis: Aamam have u recd the long awaited work?
Me: Not yet...innaikku do u have plans to go out too?
Sis: Unakku ellam benchai thodaikkava they r paying u?
Me: I donno!

Prefix 3 days of absolute joblessness to these exchanges. There have been times when I have had atleast something to keep me occupied for abt couple of hours a day. But now....che i am thoroughly irritated. Enna panna...makkal are J of me....they dont kno its cons! Ask me , ask me!


At 29 June, 2005 22:07, Blogger Cogito said...

Dude, Take heart . There are "veterans" with months on the bench . Enjoy the vetti time becos u never know when the work virus will strike

At 30 June, 2005 02:44, Blogger snathan said...

Thanks, cogito.I really did end up being afftected by the virus as soon as i posted this blog! Guess my boss is out there, reading my blog!

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