Thursday, June 30, 2005

Confederations Cup

Its been such a long time.....almost after the Indian cricketing irritation that I found myself watching and enjoying sports only last week. Well, even when ppl around discussed the county stuff, I thought it just could not be worth my time.

It so happened that I ran into this Brazil v Germany semi-finals and for the electrifying match it was (though Brazil dint play to its potential - in my opinion, it never does..that is Brazil has never had any requirement to play to its fullest so far), I was glued to the sofa! I watch and appreciate the game of the season - the game of this season surely is football! And I am so happy that Brazil won the finals. Argentina never deserved to win anyways - ppl u must have seen the other semi final where Argentina played Mexico.....it was such a poor display of the game. The entire beauty was lost....the players dint communicate at all!

National level - the game that I enjoyed watching sometime back was the Beach kabaddi finals (women) between Punjab and Haryana on DD sports. A young Haryana against the experienced Punjab (the defending champs)...Haryana made Punjab sweat it out to earn their trophy! Guess the selectors would have found the future stars in the brisk and cool girls from Haryana.


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