Tuesday, August 31, 2004


General Management and Communication Skills sessions....all Chartered Accountants are supposed to attend these for a continuous 15 days.We are a gala gang of 40+ ppl....
Just my second day thru ..I liked it.There have been ppl who looked at this GMCS as a pain..but they r slowly changing opinions.
I wanted a break..from my routines and i have got them.There was this fello Rishan y'day morning for the Intro ;then came Manish(somebody had to wake me up when the session was over!)....oh well n the female "instructors" today..Sreela n Gunjan...they were gud enuf.
Just hopin to have fun as today!

Monday, August 30, 2004

Vanaprastha for Parents? Think Again!

We were visiting our family friends after a long time.I had not realised that they were old now....way bit too old.They are lonely.Their children abroad,out of town, just saw what age and loneliness can do to people.
There is a place in Coimbatore called the Vanaprastha where oldies can spend the rest of their lives in peace.....out of choice or out of compulsion.The latter is the saddest part.The Indian parents are not trained to be as independent as their European or American counterparts are....Indians cant just be happy with once-in-a-blue moon visits.As soon as a child is born,the parents start living for the child...most of them still do!....and these friends of ours...at Chennai...!.....let Vanaprastha not be out of compulsion.
May atleast THEIR children realise that they r needed by their mom n pop.Amen.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


Well...when i saw the ad in the magazine n told my friend....."I dont like it"....never in my dreams did i think that i will get Nokia 2300 from my dad today!..
s'prise ..s'prise.
come to think of it....and havin the model rite here with me...well.....i like it.
Not just cos i have it now!...hey...i like it. I do.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Avenger - Fred Forsyth

This was wat i did when i was not feelin well....
Not a great read...not that good too.
........i wonder how many like this Forsyth is gonna spin out....wonder if he wud be bored at all!
I have read his works....attribute boredom (caused by this book)...to my ill health.
see....i have taken up Perry Mason after this!.....Avenger-OK.....not my best bet!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

y Autobahn?

If someone thought i knew German....pls!....just that "Help is on the way" dint help me...
and so dint Help is on the expressway!
but "Help" can i?
well...come to think of it....y not?