Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Indian Freedom

The cause and effect analysis:
I saw Kaalapaani a.k.a Siraichaalai.
I am blogging now.
The log:
....the thght that someone could rule us for so many years and get away with it...!
it took us SO many years to tell him to get out of our home.
come to think of it...the home many of us just dont wanna live in.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


I was watching a feature on Premature babies...born in the 24-25th week. It was nice to know that u can keep these babies alive though they r pretty premature. The docs researched these births and have found out that these babies have a terrible time growing up(if at all they survive)...and most suffer from learning disabilities. I wonder if there is some logic in making them live at all...when ur kid has a chance of 1 in 200 to be a healthy child! It IS life....u will regret it one day when the life grows up being a vegetable , u train it to talk and finally when it speaks (at the age of 10 or maybe never).....will ask u "Why me?"