Saturday, September 25, 2004


Wat a cricket match it was... I am gonna kill someone who says this was fixed.
ICC Champions 2004 - the Windies...long time since the Monkeys won!..i jus love to call them the Monkeys...shudve seen Chris Gayle.....!
It pains to see England lose, again. God,one day..pls let them win (not against India though)
147/8 ...so where r these English going wrong? I was told..they do no wrong.They just arent destined!
The BB - Browne n Bradshaw reminded me of the B'lore clincher against Australia when the Karnataka boys did it for us! Tears in Browne's eyes.....he dedicated it to their countrymen, who've jus been thro the hurricane. I love this game. Just praying that India plays as well!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Its different.

When someone says....all of u know wat is love and affection....I have only read abt them in books...I felt sad...and sad for Vasu.
Self made man...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

July 16 !! :(

Well......Vaz...was born on July 16th, i heard!..ok...i have all my life liked(surprisingly) a person who was born on this day! But Vasu...hmmph!

Slam book...blah blah!

Ok...i have been re-named "Sorna ka"...the Dhool fame!....Some real sweet ppl have translated that for me and call me "Golden sis".
The group of 40 that we've been..I wonder how many are gonna keep in touch.To get the hang of wat i say....see when i was given a sheet listing all our names and a blank column for remarks...i could fill in just abt 20 to 25 remarks!....thats abt the ppl who actually talked much with me, or more so,the vice-versa!I am looking forward to seeing the compilation of all these remarks...the slam book.

Monday, September 06, 2004

The Boxer Budget

The Bajaj Boxer ad, features the actor Vivek convincing the other fello to get a Boxer bike with all mod features which fits into his Budget of Rs.26000.
In the first place that fello,the guy who wants the bike, says his budget is 26K which sounds an odd figure to a general Indian consumer,(it did to me).We could have well lived with the fact that he wanted a bike at 30K or pbbly 25K.The ad could have made Vivek say that he saves the 4K , if only the budget was 30K , which is wat an average Indian looks at - Saving Money!
I was told that this is what anti-marketing is all about.You just remember this a li'l too well.I am not getting that bike anyway , so y drive home a negative point. Is that all the ad makers would want?...Make ppl remember ur product and also ensure that they dont buy it?Or has the Indian consumer changed his mind and I've been thinking otherwise!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Anju Bobby George.

I have been wanting to write about her for a long time now...its been ages since the Olympics got over!
India had her hopes pinned on this lady.Sure. But i dint expect a medal at all.I was happy that she outperformed her own season's best. well,those Russians dint even better their season's best. Its her determination to do ...go beyond....i liked it.So wat..shes the World's best 6th!
It atleast showed that she did as much as she could.Only when i was out to make a conversation that day in the class...i realised how strongly i felt abt it.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Block and Tackle

I wonder wat made me say n do wat i did abt Vaz today!...seriously...peers! "Vasu is good or bad" was my tackle subject.As I'd said earlier there were things that annoyed me abt him....but not necessarily to be made public. I remember well that it was Gautham who said that it cud only be me who can talk abt Vasu....pbbly becos he said that i made sure that Vasu cracked.
I said Vasu is good becos....CLAP...Vasu is bad becos : how many like,like u knos, the way he walks, he shud sport a moustache to stay macho, has a dance to his walk , eats all our heads,blah blah!
Dheepa said...dint u see that Vasu's face changed?!...neway i still made up for that when i apologised n said Mr.Vasu...i dint mean to hurt u....seriously!dont u think the damage was done!
There is another thght that ..."nothing i said was untrue"..y bother, a HR faculty shud deal with these outbursts better!...he will cope!..fine...
Person not part of the class wud never be able to fathom y i am upset.I dont intend to criticise anebody after this......in my life.If u r to see it....let it happen for the good!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

B'day Boy!

We dint know that Priyaranjan Das, a fello in my class was celebrating his b'day!...we were told by our Gang leader Anusha...n we all sang him the b'day song when he was back frm lunch.He gave us chocolates.....there was a card for him....all of us signed it.
That fello is from Orissa and showed great capabilties when he was in our team for a group activity y'day. We were a team of abt 7/8 ppl given a case to study n present the problem and solution!...well..he did the presentation flawlessly...just cool!
I wished him and i just abt fell for the absolutely gripping handshake he gave me!
I have often judged ppl by the shake they do.This fello was thoroughly overjoyed that we let him walk away with all the credit when he thght he deserved just a li'l less.
And that fello is a sweetie pie...and i feel nice cos...it wud have made such a difference if i or another guy Shankar (we had earlier thght of this only) had made the presentation!
God give him good luck !
This post sincerely made cos....we dont kno ..we cud change opinions abt ppl next moment.
When u feel gud abt a person...just make a note!


Well.....Mr.P.S.Vasudevan...was s'posed to be a middle aged or say a 40+ man who had to be absolutely diplomatic!
Who expected this young fello?who makes his own rules...bends them all ....."maveric"...
ok enuf of praising.He has a kinda like wat one member suggested"OD"..Over Decoration.He acts a bit "pansyish"...a li'l dance like a female to some of his gestures...not all mind u!
The new faculty today at the GMCS class.
That fello knows stuff but those gestures are pretty annoying sometimes u kno...u feel like u r seeing a performance there. I'd tell him....but i wish i knew how to put it in the right words!
And Vaz/Vasu is how he calls himself....we dint nick him that.