Monday, October 03, 2005

One after the other

Read somewhere : Ppl who say they did/do not have time are those who sleep for a long time. More so get up late in the day.
If 7 is late..so be it! But yes....I feel that there is some truth in the saying!
Why am i saying this.....cos i felt that I had no time to blog.....and at the same time felt that it isnt right to feel that way. Enough. I have started blogging at
another place.

Another place - rationale: See i started out here knowing nothing. Have experimented hajaar stuff here. Flopped most of them......well....lets see wat happens now!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What to say?

Its been such a long time..since i blogged!...Fortunately or unfortunately (sigh!!!) I dont have any fan following which would have compelled me not to abstain from blogging this long! I dont know now wats the purpose of blogging....so to say I have been questioning loads these days...I only hope it doesnt take me too far beyond a point of return.

Thursday, June 30, 2005


I am sure every family has its memorable conversations that they use when the situation is ripe to actually tease the hell out of somebody. There are so many such things abt me....me being such an innocent n ignorant ponnu! hehe! I invariably end up blushing away to glory. Cant glare at your ppl when u r among friends. Also, I am never good at reciting the stories as interestingly as my dad, mom and sis (ellam villians) do abt me. After the guests are out, I start sulking and thats when loads of stories that I could have told abt my ppl flash in my mind - one after the other! The sequence would also be great....che eduvume appo thonadhu! Oru joke kooda adikka mudiyama iruppen! Matter-e illama ellam enna pathu sirippanga...! Aiyo!

He he.....how true!

Me borrowed this from Kristy!....But so true!

Confederations Cup

Its been such a long time.....almost after the Indian cricketing irritation that I found myself watching and enjoying sports only last week. Well, even when ppl around discussed the county stuff, I thought it just could not be worth my time.

It so happened that I ran into this Brazil v Germany semi-finals and for the electrifying match it was (though Brazil dint play to its potential - in my opinion, it never does..that is Brazil has never had any requirement to play to its fullest so far), I was glued to the sofa! I watch and appreciate the game of the season - the game of this season surely is football! And I am so happy that Brazil won the finals. Argentina never deserved to win anyways - ppl u must have seen the other semi final where Argentina played Mexico.....it was such a poor display of the game. The entire beauty was lost....the players dint communicate at all!

National level - the game that I enjoyed watching sometime back was the Beach kabaddi finals (women) between Punjab and Haryana on DD sports. A young Haryana against the experienced Punjab (the defending champs)...Haryana made Punjab sweat it out to earn their trophy! Guess the selectors would have found the future stars in the brisk and cool girls from Haryana.

Monday, June 27, 2005

What do u feel when u have absolutely nothing to do?

Day 1
My sis smsed me: Innaikki sekkiram vara mudiyuma?..r u busy?
Me: No problem. Will be home by 6.45.
She: Done then. I will tell appa that u will be there for the wedding reception.
Me: Ok

Day 2
Sis: Aamam have u recd the long awaited work?
Me: Not yet...innaikku do u have plans to go out too?
Sis: Unakku ellam benchai thodaikkava they r paying u?
Me: I donno!

Prefix 3 days of absolute joblessness to these exchanges. There have been times when I have had atleast something to keep me occupied for abt couple of hours a day. But now....che i am thoroughly irritated. Enna panna...makkal are J of me....they dont kno its cons! Ask me , ask me!

Super Timepass

At last, I saw thalai padam at the theatre.......the story was copied..ok..aana super pa! I had heard of a mad fan following...when i saw it myself, I almost fell for it. Rajni punch dialogues varum bodhu ellam the whole hall was in uproar. Magnetism and screen presence - hmm...i now understand!
I rate the movie - Worth the money. Thats all. Nothing more, but the entire experience of watching a rajni movie - priceless. Exciting trip!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jack Kilby is dead

Jack Kilby, the inventor of IC is dead. Well, i hadnt known much abt him before i chanced upon this game at www.nobelprize.org. I was really surprised at the number of educational games that this site has. The Techville game that i played there introduced me to this character Jack Kilby and his inventions. I thought he was already dead, like most other scientists and inventors. This thought stems frm the fact that most of the inventors that we had read abt during our school days werent alive then! Somebody who cud invent sumthing and still live (hee hee) s'prise s'prise!

Holiday at Munnar - III

The drive up to Munnar took us some 5 hours from Thekkady. So when we reached the Sienna Village it was about 5.30 in the evening!

The greenery throughout the way was good. Agreed. But a little too much! Rajangam told us loads of stories on our way. For the first time in my life I saw how cardamom grew in the plants. I donno how they call it, but it shoots out as nodules from the base of the plant.

We were too tired to venture into anything that evening, grabbed sumthing to eat at 6, wolfed up the buffet spread in the lawns at 8, enjoyed some music and that’s it. we were off to sleep! Our accommodation looked like a duplex thing, wood paneled flooring…the ‘duhk-duhk’ sound when u run around….reminded my sis n me of the Anjali movie where the entire apartment complex was a set and had similar sounds when the kids ran abt the place.There isn’t much to see at Munnar, we saw a lake, dam, went boating, saw the rare Nilgiri Tahr (a wild goat species) that’s it.

The major fun was the Sienna Village ..we dint expect too good a food in Kerala, but this one was really awesome. They had a very decent breakfast and buffet spread and now, more than Munnar itself, we have started promoting Sienna Village!!

We shopped for a while in the afternoon, finished our sightseeing, got back and chilled out. And we left the next day morning, found another route down to Theni through this place called Kambamettu – Kambam. Rajangam had promised to us that he would definitely enquire and find out a shorter way down….loadsa thanx to him!

We then visited RK uncle, first time for Nithya n me to their new home. Aunty took w\us to the Meenakshi temple…which was as eventful as it can get for anybody. The temple was as usual too crowded, so my mom suggested that we buy special darshan tickets. Aunty told us to quietly follow her, came up to the guard at the spl darshan entrance, told him ”see its 4 of us “ and before he could open his mouth abt the tickets she just dragged us inside. And then came another shock for us…we found out that even that had a long queue…so went around the sanndidhi, spoke to the policewomen there..told them that we were just in time for our train back (which was kinda true – we jus had 2 hrs), squeezed us in! All this done so nonchalantly- man we were dumbfounded!
It all came to an end…..boarded our trains back to Chennai, back to the boring routines.

Well, I was in kind of a hurry to finish this Munnar thing up. I wanted to write loads but dint have enuf time at all..so from now on me not posting a travelogue unless I have already penned that down fully somewhere! Without finishing this …I dint feel like posting nething else also!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Holiday at Munnar - II

After packing lunch at Theni we drove down to Kumali, which is the Tamil Nadu side of Thekkady. There was nothing much to see at Thekkady, more so because it was the scorching summer. We jus went abt the forest hoping to catch a random animal here or there..but nopes..din happen. There was this lake which was too dried up to evince any interest in us to go for a boat ride. We settled down under a tree shade to lunch just a shade or two away from a huge family which was holidaying there as well.

The fun then began, we opened our lunch, just when it looked like the kids in that group had finished theirs. The biggies there shooed them away so that they can eat in peace. Peace then it was..... The kids started playing around the place, spotted a monkey at some distance, threw stones at it, invited it to play with them and at last when the monkey started chasing them, ran in our direction!

No one can just imagine the state of shock we were in (this is exaggerating ..i kno). We were jus thru our first course of the meal. We kept looking at the kids' folks at some distance...to try n tell them to call their kids back there...hmm hmm...no way ..they were terrified enuf themselves (or so they seemed...they dint do a thing ..jus kept eating!!!##$%^%^&)

Then the monkey saw something that was jus wat it wanted....our food!...it left the kids' back and grabbed our food. It called out to all its friends and relatives who all came happily running for that one thing available then.....OUR food! We left our packets there, grabbed whatever we could and just got back to the car, shared and ate that one extra packet of food that we had left!

In all this time, this Rajangam was the only guy who kept his cool, totally unperturbed and finished his lunch.

We just got back into the car cursing those kids for the spoilt brats that they were and prepared ourselves for the boring long drive up to Munnar! and how!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Holiday at Munnar - I

Come to think of it, another holiday with my parents and sis 'could' be a distant dream. I was really excited to go on this holiday. It was more just-get-the-hell-out-of-Chennai than the sentimental oh-my-family thing. Was worth every penny spent but for the regular fights that my sister and I had. I still dont understand why she wants to decide evrything for me! For someone who doesnt know it..she is younger!!!!!!

The Pandian Express chugged off at 9.30 and hurray!!!...we were off! At Madurai we checked into this Supreme hotel, a decent one, cleaned and washed and we started at 9 - on our way to Munnar. A special mention abt our driver Rajangam, a wonderful fellow. And cheers to his Madurai Tamizh...was just awesome. He was such a bold driver, with that Ambassador of his, was sometimes like a stunt show....and I loved evry minute of it.

We learned that the Madurai - Munnar route was just abt a 4 hr drive thru this place called Bodi, which unfortunately was closed from 9 to 6 for some road-expansion work. The only other route was thru Thekkady. Rajangam estimated the drive to take us some 2-3 more hours. Well, lunch then at Thekkady, we decided. That was when we had reached Theni just in time for a tea. Rajangam then informed us that the food in Thekkady may not suit our vegetarian tastes and advised us to pack lunch from this Vasantha Bhavan or something at Theni.

What have i been doing?

I suddenly realised that this blog was going nowhere....but where should it go? I mean, I really wanted to blog when I saw the world out here. I was thoroughly impressed at the source of info and the human specimen i found here....but theres something wrong with wat i am doing.....

I want the entire feel of my blog change....that would , when i wish to change....maybe it doesnt make sense to anyone out there... so far it hasnt made any to me as well...hehe!!

Fine ...I know wat i should do. I am going to feed my soul. Glorification of the self will eventually lead to a better expression of thought and help me move beyond the realms of the self.

It was no gyan btw.
Lets see.....